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Requirements and Process for Membership Application




  1. A desire to be an active member of LVCA and interested in being involved with a FUN group with your Corvette and Corvette owners over the age of 21
  2. Be a registered owner or lease holder of a Corvette.  Your Corvette does not have to be street drivable or running.  To verify your ownership, please show Membership Chairperson your Corvette owner’s registration, title or lease agreement
  3. To make sure you will fully enjoy your club’s membership, we ask you to attend at least three (3) official club functions or events of which one (1) needs to be a general membership meeting


Enrollment Process


There are two options for making an application for membership:


1. Online:


  • Go to the member sign up page
  • You will be asked to provide your personal details and contact information along with information about your Corvette(s)
  • You will also have an opportunity to provide other bio info if you wish to share this with the club and its members
  • When you complete the application and submit it you will become a Prospective Member
  • The Membership Chairperson will check your application and make sure that you have provided all the necessary information and have attended 3 Club events 
  • When satisfied, the Membership Chairperson will release your application and you will be advised by email to go online and pay your fees and complete the enrollment process
  • You become a full member as soon as the fees are paid
  • If you cannot, or prefer to not, pay by credit card you may print out an invoice and mail a check to: LVCA, Attention New Members, PO Box 80831, Las Vegas, NV 89180-0831, or give it to the Membership Chairperson at the next general meeting
  • Payment by credit card is the preferred method to ensure that you become a full member as soon as possible

Click Member Sign Up to start the online process

2. Paper Application:

  • Complete LVCA membership application form. Click Membership Application Form for a copy. If you don’t have access to a printer you may contact our Membership Chairperson for a paper copy of the application form
  • Attend 3 club events and have your attendance confirmed on your application form by a member at those events
  • Give the completed form, together with your membership fees and a copy of your proof of Corvette ownership, to the Membership Chairperson at one of the regular monthly membership meetings, or mail it to: LVCA, Attention: New Members, PO Box 80831, Las Vegas, NV 89180-0831



Schedule of Membership Fees


There are two components to the membership fees – LVCA dues and National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) dues:

  1. LVCA dues are $58 annually (prorated by month)
  2. There is an Initial LVCA application fee of $20.00 (for plaque, name badge and club information)
  3. There is a grace period of up to 3 months for members joining later in the year.  Members joining on or after October 1 will be charged for a full year of fees, which will be good for the balance of the current year and automatic renewal for the following year.
  4. NCCC membership fee is $35.00 for initial year and $25 for subsequent renewals for primary member.  The fee for a spouse member is $10.00 in the initial and subsequent years.  NCCC fees are not prorated but dues paid after September 1 after are good for the balance of the current year and automatic renewal for the following year
  5. The membership year, for both the Club and NCCC, runs January 1 through to December 31 

Club Dues 2019/2020