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LVCA Racer’s Edge Program

The Racer’s Edge Program was started in 1998 for the purpose of giving LVCA members the opportunity to drive their Corvettes in various organized and regulated racing venues. Those venues have included rallies, drag racing, autocross, open road racing, and others.  The competition among the LVCA is designed to level the playing field so that all members could compete with any Corvette.  At the end of each calendar year the champions are announced at the LVCA Awards Banquet (see RE Rules 2021 for more information)


Click Here for 2019 Racers Edge Results 

Current 2021 Racer Edge Events:


Drag Racing – The LVCA drag racing series utilizes an Elapsed Time (E.T.) bracket racing format. The competition events are located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex at The Strip using NHRA procedures. For more information on Drag Racing click here.


Autocross – The LVCA autocross series utilizes matching time trials (MTT) format.  The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) runs the autocross events at various locations around Las Vegas and follows SCCA procedures.  For more information on Autocross click here.


Rallies –  Rallies are probably the easiest race event...and the hardest! You don't drive fast. In fact, you're on the road, so you should be obeying all traffic laws.  In a rally (sometimes spelled rallye), you have a driver and a navigator and you follow written directions that tell you where to go. That's it. Every rally is different. Some have straightforward directions. Some have clues to figure out. Some have pictures of signs to find. Some have speeds to follow on each leg. Some have tasks to do or things to collect (like a poker card) or questions to answer along the way. Most rallies have a target time of how long it should take to run the rally. If you get to the finish too soon or too late, your score will go down.  For more information on Rallies click here.

We have 3 Autocross, 3 Drags and 1 Rally planned for 2021.  Overall winner determined by top score from the best 5 out of 7 events. Scores will be awarded per the RE Rules 2021. For dates of the events and/or to sign up for the 2021 Racers Edge program see Racers Edge Enrollment.

For more information please email our Racers Edge Chairperson