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Las Vegas Corvettes Association Events

LVCA was founded by a group of Corvette owner’s who wanted to enjoy their Corvette ownership with each other.  Through our monthly events we create opportunities to drive our Corvettes, socialize with each other and support our neighbors with community service.  Our club events generally fall into the following six types of activities: Competition, Car Shows, Cruising, Social, Travel & Charity.  Browse the description of these activities below and if you want know how to host an event go to Hosting at the end of the page


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Events Social

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Events Travel

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Hosting a LVCA Event

Our events are put on by our members who want to share their passion for fun with their Corvettes or who want to just give back and support their favorite charity.  Putting on a club event is as simple as one, two, three.


Our Events Coordinator helps you:

Each year our Executive Board has someone designated as the Events Coordinator whose primary role is to help you with your event idea:

·Contact Events Coordinator

·Secure a date on our Events Calendar.

·Prepare a simple outline of your event for the Club’s Executive Board using the “Pre Event Form”.

·Obtain event approval and present to the club.


Plan your Event

·Finalize your event with an event flyer of the event, dates, times and the fun we will have.

·Develop an event budget and a committee to help you with your event ideas if needed.

·Plan your event and have fun presenting it at our General Membership Meetings.

·Email your flyer to the Newsvetter Editor and Webmaster for the website.

·Make copies to hand out your flyers to fellow club members.

·Provide a sign up sheet for members to sign up for your event and collect any fees if necessary.


Host the Event

·Meet the club as planned.

·Have everyone (including guest) sign the club waiver forms for participation, attendance and insurance.

·Driver’s Meeting – discuss, review event and pass out our “Caravan Guidelines”.

·Document all the fun we have by taking or asking someone to take pictures for the Newsvetter and website.

·Write an article of your event for the Newsvetter and website.

·Turn in the signed waiver forms, document any community service participation and any event expenses.

·Have fun and be safe.

A detailed Pre-Event Form, Waiver Forms, Caravan Guidelines and Year End Achievement Awards are available online for more information that you can review with the Events Coordinator.  Most of all have fun and get to know your fellow club members by putting on a event for your club’s enjoyment.  All you need is the idea and there are always other club members willing to help you with your event.

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